Baby Showers

I have hosted and helped with more than a few baby showers over the years! This post includes pictures from a vintage football themed shower, a gender reveal guessing game, and a unique twist on the traditional “mommy-to-be” pins.

footbal play

Chalkboard display with a little rhyme to tie together the football theme with a baby shower. It was difficult to keep the balance. I came up with the idea to use football play xoxo as kisses and hugs.




Thank you Pinterest for the idea! Boon grass drying rack. On the football, guests write encouraging sentiments for baby- “Way to grow champ!”

gender reveal shower

Gender Reveal baby shower game. Guests can write their name suggestions on pumpkin shaped pieces of paper then stick them on either the girl or boy side to mark their guess.

baby shower pins

Sweet button Mommy and Grandma to be buttons!


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