This is it! The blog that my sister and I have been talking about is finally born! This blog will be a lot like our plans…rough and sketchy at first but soon tumbled and polished ’til it shines. So first let’s get down to the basics…My name is Jessica Hayes and my younger sister is Michelle Herb. We grew up the closest of friends…you know, the ones who bicker non-stop but never stop loving eachother. We were two little girls playing house and school, pretending to be the chef on our very own cooking shows. We grew up, married our highschool sweethearts and started our own families. Recently we have realized that we absolutely LIVE to plan! By live to plan, I mean that we woke up one day and realized that without a project, without a plan to be drawn up or acted out…we are absolutely not able to function. Of course we do like being whimsical and letting our hair down and living life in the moment… but we also plan for that too. (I’m sure I’ve written “Live life, no plan, just let go and relax today” in my calendar on more than several occasions.) My sister and I plan everything but we mainly enjoy planning parties and everything that goes into them…decorations, invitations, food, desserts, guest lists, seating arrangements, scheduling, theme, games, mood lighting! Michelle is so gifted at baking, cake decorating and travel planning and I relish in room planning ie. interior designing and craft projects of all kinds. A short while ago Michelle and IĀ  considered starting a blog where we could stash all of our plans and ideas for parties, cakes, nurseries, crafts, roadtrips etc. After much thought we settled on a wordpress blog titled…Parchment & Crepe….you know…Baking and Decorating, Cakes and Streamers. Hope you like the name! Some of the first things that will be posted here @Parchment&Crepe are my vintage Shabby Chic themed baby shower, my niece’s rainbow themed second birthday party and my sister’s ultimate Disney World vacation plans. Thank you so much for visiting our blog! (planning something clever to say after blog entries)

~Jessica & Michelle


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